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Bottled Water

Erken's Bottled Water SystemErkens Water Softener Service has been in the business of softening and purifying water since 1975.

Erkens Water is free of impurities, like sodium, lead and chlorine, so it's a healthy choice for the entire family - kids tend to drink less soda and sugary drinks, and the whole family will drink more water. Plus, doctors recommend at least eight glasses a day for dieting, exercising and a healthier lifestyle.

If you currently own or rent a water cooler from another company, Erkens Bottled Water containers are universal and will fit most other make and model water coolers. Call for details.

Our universal five gallon bottles of purified water (thru reverse osmosis) are available at our office location in Cold Spring.

To Drink Bottled Water Or Not?

U.S. FDA "Standards of Identity" for Bottled Water
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The FDA has established "Standards of Identity" for bottled water products sold in the U.S. Note that other countries have different definitions and standards; some countries have no consistent labeling requirements. Some of the more common U.S. types of bottled water are listed below, Erkens Water produces purified water.

Purified water - This type of water has been produced by distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, or other suitable processes. Purified water may also be referred to as "demineralized water." It meets the definition of "purified water" in the United States Pharmacopoeia.

Artesian Water - This type of water that originates from a confined aquifer that has been tapped. The distinguishing feature of water from an artesian aquifer is that it flows from the tap due to gravity; the subterranean water level is at a height greater than that of the location of the tap.

Ground Water - This type of water is from an underground source that is under a pressure equal to or greater than atmospheric pressure.

Mineral Water - This type of water contains at least 250 parts per million total dissolved solids (TDS). It comes from a source tapped at one or more bore holes or springs, and originates from a geologically and physically protected underground water source. No minerals may be added to this water.

Spring Water - This type of water comes from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the Earth's surface.

Well Water - This type of water is taken from a well.