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I-OX Chemical Free Iron Filters 2510 Valve Chemical Free Iron Filters

Once installed, the chemical free iron filter requires little or no attention. It automatically removes soluble iron, sometimes called ferrous iron or “clear water”, precipitated iron, sometimes called ferric iron or “red water” , hydrogen sulfide gas or “that rotten egg smell”, manganese or black particles. It is safe and very economical because it requires none of the expensive or messy chemicals conventional iron filters use.

The chem-free iron filter features two major components: an air injector and a back washable filter containing special media. The air injector adds air to the top of the filter tank and also to the media in the tank. The oxidation process takes place in this chamber and the media removes the particles of iron.

The chem-free filter media remains unchanged at the end of the oxidation process and consequently requires no chemical regeneration. Periodic back washing of the filter bed flushes the precipitated iron to the drain and readies the filter for use again. The duration and frequency of back washing varies from 10 to 12 minutes every 3 to 6 days, depending on iron concentration and water usage.

We have also used this system for larger application farm use and it does an amazing job.

I-OX Filter - Air Injected Oxidizer Specifications


Shock chlorination

Shock chlorination is generally done to kill bacteria like coliform or E. coli. Like the video points out it is important to look for the source of the contamination and correct any problems before treating a well otherwise the problem will quickly return. For anyone looking to try this on their own, even though I found this video to be very thorough, we at Erkens Water bear no responsibility for its content. The video is for information purpose and you should always consult a well or water specialist before putting anything in your well.  

Video Courtesy of MSUExtWaterQuality & YouTube